I work with ADHD Mums, who are fed up with guilt, shame, self-blame, and are ready to discover a better, more enlightened way to live.




We have the power within us to overcome and thrive, I have overcome many hurdles on my journey. Through my unique ADHD resources, YOU can make the changes that you only dream of. Its easy with the right skills.


I will give you personalised support, during sessions and unlimited support between sessions, equipping you with effective strategies to help you thrive in all aspects of life.


My vision as  a PAAC Certified ADHD coach is to empower you to unlock you ADHD potential, enhancing your self-awareness, resilience, and energetic well-being.

Hi and welcome,

I am Faigy Liebermann

My life is a roller coaster ride, some of the time it’s fantastic and honestly, far too much of the time it’s downright stressful beyond words. Such is the ADHD life.

You see, my husband my 5 children and I all have ADHD. Lets not forget my adorable 4 grandchildren.  Not only do I work beyond hard every day to support my family to manage their ADHD in the various ways that they need support, but I am struggling at the same time to support my ADHD.

Imagine a pressure cooker – that’s our family! It’s a bubbling pot of energy, both positive and negative. Everything is super intense in our home…And I mean Everything…

So how have I managed to not only stay sane, but thrive with my ADHD? It was not always like this.

I have had too many dark moments, decades when I just didn’t know how to get out of this dark place. Slowly but surely, day in and day out, little by little, inching forward and creating myself anew. Where there was darkness, now there is (mostly) light. I share my journey and my tools with my wonderful ADHD clients, who are often struggling in the dark, groping for solutions to their ADHD difficulties.

I share many of these secrets in my books, my courses and my facebook support groups. Check out my resources below.

You want to work with me? Send me a message via email or the social media icons below. I personally read and respond to every message.

I can’t wait to hear from you.


Does this sound familiar?

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In this podcast series you will join me on an exclusive audio tour of my home,
“Banish Your Overwhelm Declutter Your Life” A decluttering guide for women with ADHD”
Free videos for you to start your journey and learn from
"This is an excellent course. So many of these courses are filled with fluff and take forever to say what could be said in a few minutes. That is not the case here! It's all worthwhile. And I don't even have ADHD."
Devorah Shulman
Course Student.


Faigy is a PAAC certified ADHD Coach, course creator, author, and has earned a reputation as being one of the most inspiring ADHD educators in the UK.

There is very little information on the internet about ADHD social science, the hands-on tools and why they work.

Focus with Faigy’s resources Educate, Empower and Elevate the ADHD community through ADHD education.

Dive deep and learn more about the course topics via the unique resources on the Focus with Faigy

“Focus and Clarity Through Your ADHD.”


Certified ADHD coaches, expand your insight. Easily fill your CEU quota, with my  no-nonsense and totally affordable courses.

All 15 courses will soon get PAAC approval for ongoing CEUs.


ADHD Mums, reclaim your life. Say goodbye to overwhelming shame and guilt. Discover how to streamline your life.

Straightforward. Honest. Direct.


Access to Work or (ATW) is a publicly funded UK employment support programme that aims to help more people with a long-term disability to start, or stay in work.

If you live in the UK, and you have an ADHD diagnosis, or a learning disability such as Dyslexia, you are entitled to FREE ADHD Coaching.


The ATW application and grant process is a minefield. Your award largely depends on how you word your request.

Long before you receive your ATW award, my team and I will support you so that you have the best change to receive the most you can get.

Your ADHD affects every area of your life. You deserve the best.

Life is hard.

Why should your life be harder than it already is just because you have ADHD?


"I had been struggling with my ADHD and was looking for help, fortunately we found Faigy online and noted her qualifications, I attended coaching sessions with my partner and we both gained so much from it, I found it very enlightening to learn from all traits that come with ADHD and it helped me understand myself better and be aware when I'm too critical of myself. I was nervous initially and did not know what to expect, she made me feel comfortable and was very understanding

As our sessions carried on she opened up our minds and helped us cope better, We learned a lot but it never felt overwhelming, Faigy delivered at our pce, it was when i look back, really brilliant, I was curious about medications, Faigy put ut in touch with someone who could get me a formal diagnosis, I am now on meds which work well for me alongside Faigy's tips and coaching, We are grateful to her, she has helped me understand myself so much better

Paul B Client

I had 16 weekly sessions. In this time, this is what I have gained from working with Faigy. I got diagnosed with ADHD. I realised that the meds alone were not enough. I realised that I needed to learn skills as well. Through coaching I learned to have confidence. Before coaching, I had no confidence in getting somewhere with my ADHD. I felt like it was a permanent disability that I couldn’t do anything about. I now feel normal, and I don’t feel like my life is a mistake. I used to feel broken. Now I have got the skills that I was lacking; time management, and self-awareness being high on the list. I can now reflect on past events in my life, and I can now learn from them. I couldn’t do it before. This is a major life skill that has helped me immensely.

Yaniv Birmingham

Contact Information:

Website: https://adhdwithfaigy.co.uk

Address:  MANCHESTER, M7